all lost in the supermarket\n\nsmokes, pierces things, rips t-shirts, breaks bottles, then goes corporate and goes on MTV. opens Hot Topic store.
crash crash -- swords, fists, eyes of curse, monster i conquer you!\n\n
piano, moustache, accordion, pope, cigar, urinal, newspaper, picabia = the usual\n\n*[[I prefer dada]]\n*[[I prefer punk]]
now what happens?\n\n* [[something good]]\n* [[something bad]]\n* [[something indeterminate]]\n* [[something surreal]]\n
huh? what? (rubs eyes, reaches for coffee).....
yay hooray, hugs, balloons, birthdays, bloomingdales.\n\n*[[shop til you drop]]\n*[[give to charity]]
no worries! Picabia is there too. dadadadadadadadadadadadadadadaa\n\netc. \nrepeat as needed\n\n(hi Hugo Ball! I love your costume!)
rawrrrr rawwrrr rawwr (your scary fear goes here)\n\n\n*[[how dare you monster!]]\n*[[hide in closet or under bed]]
dresses\nshoes\nshoes\nbags\neyeliner\nhoodies\nbooks\nmore books\nbooks signed by author\nbooks by friends\nbooks recommended by friends\nbooks that are just cool-looking
American Jewish World Service\nRabbis for Human Rights\nDoctors without Borders\nCARE\nthe transgender charity of your city or town\nyour school if you liked it \nyour library\nyour local conservation organization